So first of all my husband is not actually fat but let’s just say he doesn’t look like the first time I met him almost five year ago. A lot of my cooking I actually try to keep low fat or at least I’ll give Notes and Tips to make it easier on the waist line. I have also added hyperlinks to some words which may help you if you are just starting to get aquatinted with the room that houses the fridge, stove and sink.

So why am I doing this? I started posting on Facebook some pictures that I would take of meals that I would make for my husband, Raphael. So I thought I would create a place to add the recipes along with the pictures that my wonderful husband takes.

I also started this blog because I can still hear my mom looking in the fridge and wondering what to make us for dinner. She would get so frustrated trying to rack her brain to make us three kids and my dad something that she had ingredients for, something we would like and something that she hadn’t made in the past week. I think if she could go somewhere to get a few ideas for meals it would have made her dinner life a little easier.

I learned the passion of cooking from my mom. She would make everything from scratch when we were kids from cinnamon buns, fruit roll up to bread and all sorts of pastries. She would see something in a magazine (mainly Woman’s World) and say “Oh, I can make that spaceship cake for my little boy’s birthday, looks so easy”. And she would make it better than the picture. I also need to credit many of my recipes to Food Network and just general googling.

I make all of the recipes and all of the dishes in the pictures are made by me (and later eaten by Raphael). So if I can make it so can you. Cooking should be fun and full of love and a little practice can take you a long way. I love cooking for large amounts of people, my friends and family but I mostly I love cooking for my ever patient husband.

Now you know a little about me and this blog but I have to get going to start dinner. The husband is almost done at the office.


  1. Tahyana Marinho says:

    Adorei a ideia! Simplesmente maravilhoso acompanhar de tão longe o carinho e mimos com meu irmão, Raphael. Obrigada por ser assim do jeito que você é! Te amo! Desejo sucesso com o blog e com suas receitas que são deliciosamente saborosas. Beijos, Tati

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