Grilled Cheese – Raphael’s Midnight Snack


Grilled Cheese (photo R Marinho)
Grilled Cheese with Chocolate Milk (photo R Marinho)


Grilled Cheese

Two slices of your favouite bread
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
1 slice of honey ham
1 slice of havarti cheese
1 slice of cheddar cheese

Toast your bread in a toaster until almost golden brown.
While hot, smear butter on all sides of toast.
Add havarti to one slice and cheddar on the other.
Put ham so that cheese is sandwiching it.
Put sandwich in a hot pan and squish down with your spatula.
Flip to other side when it becomes brown and cheese is starting to melt.

Enjoy like Raphael does with a glass of chocolate milk (soy).

Notes and Tips: Use your favourite bread, cheese and type of meat.

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