Sholehzard or Saffron Rice Pudding









Sholehzard or Saffron Rice Pudding (photo: Raphael M.)

This recipe will make about 8 servings and you can eat it hot or cold.

2 cups of rice
8 cups of water
2 to 3 cups of sugar – depending on how sweet you like it
1 tablespoon of saffron
3 tablespoons of hot water
1/4 cup of butter
1/4 cup of rosewater –
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1/4 cup of almonds, slivered

Rinse rice in warm water by filling a large pot up and swishing it around then slowly draining the water, being careful not to pour the rice out. Repeat 3 times.
Add 8 cups of warm water. It may seem like a lot but trust me you will need it.
Bring rice to a boil and keep boiling and stirring for 20 minutes. Make sure rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of your pot.
Turn heat down to a slow boil and slowly add sugar half a cup at a time and stirring rigorously each time.
Meanwhile dissolve the saffron in another small bowl or a cup in the hot water, let stand for 10 minutes and then add to rice.
Stir in butter and rose water.
Stir over medium or low heat until mixture becomes thick and you can’t see rice grains any longer.
Serve with cinnamon and slivered almonds on top. I toasted my almonds to give it more flavour.

Notes and Tips: You can also use roasted pistachios. The simplest way to roast nuts is in the microwave by placing a paper towel on a plate and spreading the nuts apart. Toast for about one minute depending on the nut and size. You know it’s done when nuts are a light brown.


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